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You have every right to monitor a phone as long as you own it.

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TextSpy   SMS and Smartphone Software Monitoring System

txtSPY Features

TxtSpy – Read texts see photos location call logs and more from anyone’s phone. With TxtSpy, you can login from anywhere and view everything on a smartphone without them knowing.

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txtSpy Features a user-friendly interface



txtSpy lets you spy on the following:
  • SMS – view text
  • Call Records – View Logs
  • E-mail See send and receive
  • Address Book
  • Calendars
  • Locations – Via Gps
  • Facebook
  • Line



  • Skype
  • Web History
  • Application Usage
  • Notes
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Wallpapers
  • Instant Messages

    Live Listen - spy on mobile phone call


    Live Listen

    If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall.. Now you can!!! Listen to phone conversations as they happen ─ also hear what’s happening around the device.

    Call Intercept

    Listen to phone calls as they happen.




    txtSpy – Lets You Listen in To a Room

    Open the microphone on the iPad or smartphone and listen to the surroundings (All networks).

    Complete IM Capture
    To get the full picture, you need pictures One picture and one thousand words

    txtSpy Take a look at their SKYPE, LINE, WhatsAPP, Viber, WeChat, BBM and iMessage ─ including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons that have made these application so wildly popular.

    Unlike many copycat products, txtSpy shows every part of the message, so you can understand what’s really going on.

    Mobile spy app captures facebook, line, whatsapp, skype, viber, wechat
    Mobile spy features on CallBustPortal

    Turn on the phones camera to see what the heck someone is doing

    Remote Control Camera

    Log into the portal and use the phones camera to take a picture.

    txtSpy on mobile with remote control of camera


    Audio Recording
    Record phone calls or device’s surrounding sounds for later listening
    Keep Your Ear To The Ground

    Audio Recording records audio streams and sends them to the portal for listening. Audio streams are created from live phone calls or from

    Spy on mobile calls with audio recordings

    the device’s surrounding sounds by secretly opening up the microphone.

    • Automatically records phone calls on Android smartphones
    • Record the ambient sounds of Android smartphones
    • Record the ambient sounds of iPhones and iPads.

    spoof text messages to fake them out

    Send an SMS or make a phone call from the target device without the user knowing.
    mobile spy app with spoof tools
    Victory Via Deception

    Use spoof tools to create situations where you can expose the truth. Engineer a rendezvous, elicit a reply or end an unsuitable relationship by pretending to be the device user.


    txtSpy instantly delets any messages that you don’t want the user to see ─ these could include activity or data usage SMS notifications from the network operator that would reveal the presence of an application ─ especially useful when the device has a prepaid plan that indicates out of credit activity.

    mobile sms spy with nuisance sms removal
    Control Center
    Control TxtSpy from your web browser
    Power is nothing without control

    Control every aspect of operation from a centralized command center ─ specify what data you want to see, when you see it, or immediately locate the target ─ all without having to touch the device.

    More than 30 remote commands give you the power and flexibility to cope with tough spying conditions such as prepaid plans, roaming or poor signal coverage.

    mobile spy application control center
    Analysis and Alerts
    Define events like proximity, keywords or suspicious numbers ─ and know the instant they happen
    analysis and alerts feature in mobile spy software portal
    Discover When
    • Specific information is mentioned in an IM or e-mail conversation
    • There are calls from unusual or withheld numbers
    • They frequently go to a certain location
    Other cool features
    • Flag data for convenient analysis
    • Create downloadable reports
    • Have alerts and daily updates delivered by e-mail


    commitment continues even after the sale
    cell phone spyware live support button in CallBustportal

    Too lazy to read the manual?

    No problem. Access Live Help from inside your portal and you will be connected to one of our technical support team to answer or explain anything.

    The Spy Phone Commandments

    Don’t Be Seen, Don’t Be Heard, Don’t Get Caught
    One thing we did not change ─ our commitment to make sure that you don’t get caught ─ that’s in our DNA ─ so much so, we call this the Three Spy Phone Commandments
    Cell phone tracking
    Install Fast

    To install txtSpy, you need access to the device ─ so we focused on reducing install time, slashing it by 90% ─ everything else, including activation can be done remotely using wizards.

    Cover Your Tracks

    Installation leaves tracks ─ we consciously clear up download history, activation SMS and return the device state to where it was before ─ not easy, but oh so important.

    Don’t Demand Attention

    Standard applications are designed to be seen, and get greedy ─ causing sluggish performance, battery drain or worse. CallBustputs the resource needs of its neighbours first, sipping them only when it must.


    Catch A Cheater

    Catch Cheaters, Liars GET THE PROOF YOU NEED

    If Your Spouse Is Cheating Using Their Cell Phone

    Then Don’t You Have A Right To Know?

    Of course, your girlfriend or boyfriend may be not be cheating, but it’s the “not knowing” that is the problem — it’s apple-icon-txt-spy the “not knowing” that creates nagging suspicions and uncertainty that ruin your mind and your relationship. The good news is that there is no need to suffer any longer. Just install our select smartSpy on your spouse’s cell phone and you will know for sure what your partner is really feeling, saying and doing when you are not there.

    Our apps and software will let you read all their cell phone messages — from SMS to Instant Messages — and let you know their location at any time, and even let you listen to their cell phone conversations as they happen. It’s easy to install and you can choose to remove the icon completely or leave it visible. And with live support to help you all the way plus a no-quibble money back guarantee with zero fine print, you can buy in complete confidence.



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