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Read All Texts: Spying on SmartPhone

Looking for a reliable text message interceptor or spy software ?

Text messages are still the most popular way for people to communicate when they are not face to face — so if you really want to know what someone is thinking you need to spy on their texting.


benefitsUntil now, the only way to spy on texts was to use expensive hardware SMS trackers — available only to governments. this spy software changes everything — and puts the power to spy on text messages into the hands of concerned parents, suspicious lovers and employers. And being able to view text messages is only one of our SMS tracker’s 150 amazing mobile spy features







Analysis and Alerts
Define events like proximity, keywords or suspicious numbers ─ and know the instant they happen


Discover When

  • Specific information is mentioned in an IM or e-mail conversation
  • There are calls from unusual or withheld numbers
  • They frequently go to a certain location

Other cool features

  • Flag data for convenient analysis
  • Create downloadable reports
  • Have alerts and daily updates delivered by e-mail


commitment continues even after the sale


Too lazy to read the manual?

No problem. Access Live Help from inside your portal and you will be connected to one of our technical support team to answer or explain anything.

The Spy Phone Commandments

Don’t Be Seen, Don’t Be Heard, Don’t Get Caught.

To install txtSpy, you need access to the device ─ so we focused on reducing install time, slashing it by 90% ─ everything else, including activation can be done remotely using wizards.
Cover Your Tracks
Installation leaves tracks ─ we consciously clear up download history, activation SMS and return the device state to where it was before ─ not easy, but oh so important.
Don’t Demand Attention
Standard applications are designed to be seen, and get greedy ─ causing sluggish performance, battery drain or worse. TextSpy the resource needs of its neighbors first, sipping them only when it must.

One thing we did not change ─ our commitment to make sure that you don’t get caught ─ that’s in our DNA ─ so much so, we call this the Three Spy Phone Commandments

Fast Installation Without The Frustration

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Bust Private Callers