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Revealed: Smartphone Spying Utilities Under Surveillance

Revealed: Smartphone Spying Utilities Under Surveillance

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Parenting is not easy. And learning how to keep tabs on your child’s cell activity may sound like rocket science too. However, we would like to present recommended easy to use software and applications for smart phone surveillance.

Which providers are currently on the market?

How does the software work? Is the use of the apps legal? What experiences have users made with Spy Apps? The programs presented here have been thoroughly tested and for each software an objective description as well as evaluation has been made. The evaluations included the most important criteria such as functional scope, operation, support and compatibility as well as the selling price.

Let’s put some of these text spy tools under surveillance

The providers offer the use of the software as subscription, depending on the scope of the desired services. There is no obligation, if you do not want to use the service after the booked period no longer, you just do not pay anymore. If you want to re-activate the subscription at a later date, this is also possible without problems.

How does smart phone surveillance and smart phone espionage work?

txt spy app iconsThe principle is similar for most providers. A smart phone intel tool is installed on the mobile phone and the phones data like messages, photos, call logs  is transmitted via Internet to a server. Users can then retrieve this data via a web interface and thus receive all information from the mobile phone, such as incoming and outgoing SMS, emails, conversations, photographs, videos and the phone’s location. This is top quality mobile espionage and mobile phone tracking.

Which devices does the software work with?

Most vendors currently support iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the exact compatibility is described in the individual programs in more detail.

Which spy software providers are there for mobile devices?

There are now over 20 providers of mobile monitoring software, whose software we looked at. Most vendors are currently experiencing a lot of movement regarding the scope of the software, so we have to adapt our software descriptions almost every day. The following is an overview of our opinion, currently 5 best, easiest, and most friendly customer service apps and their performance in the test comparison.

Best, Cheap, and User Friendly Smartphone Intelligence Software.

Mspy and Flexispy are the professional intelligence apps in the test and are used by private and public authorities as they have a stealth mode and are therefore invisible to the users and can not be tracked. If you want to listen to phone calls, you can not miss these apps at the moment. Mspy and Flexispy are currently the only providers with the so-called call interception function, which allows the monitor to turn into conversations and listen to everything live.



Flexispy Dashboard

All conversations are also stored as an mp.3 file and can be listened to at a later time. With both programs, it is also possible to turn on the internal mobile microphone without any warning and thus listen to everything that happens in the immediate vicinity of the mobile phone. Another feature is the activation of the mobile phone camera, so that you can take pictures without notice. With their impressive list of monitoring functions, Mspy and Flexispy are currently by far the most powerful apps in the test, but unfortunately with almost 400 euros per year more than twice as expensive as the competition.

Monitoring apps – These are pure monitoring programs whose activities are displayed on the target device. The person to be monitored can therefore always see that he is being monitored. These programs, not least because of the much lower price, are primarily used to monitor children or senior citizens. With the GPS tracking, the location of the target can be determined at any time. Easily spy on texts online.

What should you watch out for when purchasing the software?

When buying the software should be ensured that the program runs also with the mobile phone, which is to be monitored. Only Mspy  also offers support for Windows Mobile Phones. A money back guarantee should be offered, one is not satisfied with the software, so one gets his money back.
If you want to listen to conversations, this option should be available.

Differences in the monitoring conversations

Logging Calls – All providers store the incoming and outgoing call data in a list, including the date, time, call duration, and callers. The phone calls themselves can not be monitored.

Live Listening to Phone Calls – Most spyware for mobile phones currently offer a live monitoring function that allows you to instantly be notified by SMS as soon as a call arrives or goes out on the destination device. You can then unintentionally latch into the conversation and listen to everything in real time.

Recording the telephone calls – Most programs also offer the saving of the calls themselves as an audio file. These files can then be downloaded and listened to by the server.

Does the software work with my provider?

The software works according to experience with every provider, since the transmission of the data is conducted over the Internet. If the mobile phone, the smartphone or the tablet has an Internet access and is online for at least 10 minutes per day, the data can be transferred to the server.

Does this work outside of the United States?

Yes, the transmission of the data via the Internet is independent of the location and the access to the transmitted data is possible from any country.

Are there demo’s available?

Yes so far the following mobile spy software have free demos.  But realize that they may shut down these codes as most vendors do not offer free trials on mobile tracking programs but a 10-day money-back guarantee is usually offered.


Mspy Demo – Limited Time


Flexispy Demo


Highster Mobile


Who are the apps for?
Mobile phone tracking

The method is ideally suited for locating children. Through mobile phone tracking, the exact GPS position of the mobile phone is always displayed and parents know at any time, where their child is currently.

If the mobile phone is lost or stolen, the app can be used to locate and find any mobile phone. The current location of the device is determined and some providers also offer the possibility to block the mobile phone via the web application or to delete all data on the mobile phone. This works even if another SIM card has already been used.

Mobile phone espionage and smart phone surveillance

The mobile espionage app provides, among other things, all data of text messages (SMS), including the text of the message, the date, the exact time, the recipient and the sender of the message. Information about incoming and outgoing emails can also be viewed.

Incoming and outgoing calls can be monitored and recorded, the corresponding telephone numbers, as well as date and time recorded. You always have access to all photos and videos, which are on the mobile phone.

The monitoring software also stores all Internet activities, so the user always knows which websites are visited at which time. Some programs also store messenger activities, for example via Skype, Whatsapp, Viber or Facebook guided conversations and chats.

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